Monday, August 29, 2011

New York City~Social Eatz

Are any of you fans of Top Chef? "Social Eats" is a new restaurant that Angelo Sosa from Season 7 of Top Chef.  Mike and I did not religiously watch the show (remember we don't have cable tv), but from what we saw, we thought that Angelo should have won that season. Of course we had no way to judge his food; we just based it on the judges' review of his food. 
Bulgogi Burger
Mike thought that the meat would have been sliced versus ground.  His burger was not anything special.  I took one bite and then happily enjoyed my burger. 

I ordered the Bi Bim Bap burger, which won the "Greatest Burger in America." I'm not sure who gave out this award, but this burger was flavorful....almost too flavorful.  Imagine a patty of beef topped with kochujang pickled shredded vegetables, a sunny side up egg and shredded lettuce.  With all the fusion dishes out now (i.e. korean tacos, irish nachos), you would think someone would have come up with a burger like this sooner.
It was a messy burger with all the pickled vegetables and egg yolk oozing out of it, but I didn't care.  It was so good! The next time I make burgers at home, I'll probably try to replicate it.
We also shared a side of crispy fires. They were okay. They were served with some concoction of mayonnaise or cheese. We added some sriracha sauce to it and it was tasty. You could skip the fries and just order the burger.

Social Eatz
232 East 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 207-3339

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