Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boston Travels~Lobster

I just finished reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I realized that I do like blogging.  Sometimes, however, it feels like a chore to blog when I become backed up with old pictures and posts that the task seems quite daunting. I always seem to come with some excuse or another why theses posts are not as frequent as I would like (i.e. I've been traveling for 3 months straight, my puppy chewed my laptop power cable and I have to wait for my new cable to come in, I need to cook dinner or clean the house).  So....I have made it one of my small goals to post at least once a week. That way I can catch up on all the food pictures from Boston, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Texas. Wish me luck!

***This is a post I started a couple of months ago and forgot to post***
After reading all these posts about the food we were consuming in Boston, one would think that all we did was have lavish meals between our multiple naps each day. The work travel at times were brutal and all the team members worked their tails off.  I'm just highlighting the few times we splurged and had notable great dinners.
At the end of one of the big milestones for our project, we were invited over to a colleague's house near the water.  We arrived at his house to the sight of this bowl of lobsters!

The night started off with this HUGE bowl of lobsters.  I think 2-3 lobsters were budgeted for each person, so I bet there were at least fifty lobsters in this bowl!
Too bad Mike wasn't there to see it. He loves lobsters!
The bowl of lobsters at the end of the night.

Fresh Clams.
Hummus Dips

It was a great night full of food, fun, and good company. 

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