Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hi Everyone! My business travel was extended for a couple more works, so this week marks the fifth week that I am up in Massachusetts.  I have not had the time to post on this blog nor keep up with reading other blogs. :(
Depending on the schedule, I literally have been working 12-18 hour days and my spare time is spent showering, eating, and sleeping and the occasional run on the treadmill.  But luckily I get to go home on some weekends and get to see Mike and friends. 

I arrived back home in Dallas around midnight on Friday.  Then this morning (Sunday 5/15) while I was catching the parking lot shuttle, another passenger the shuttle asked me, "Weren't you on this shuttle on Friday night?" 

"Yes sir.   Yes I was."


~Holly~ said...

Sorry you've been away for so long and working so many hours. On the upside, welcome home!!

Ms. Pickles said...

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Chou said...

It makes me sad that MA is so close, but so far. And Texas? Agh. Good luck, busy one! It sounds like grad school all over again.

Steve Finnell said...

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