Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mike's Haircut

I've been quite slow with the posts. I meant to post this early in February, but got caught up with work and life.  Last month for fun, I attempted to cut Mike's hair...on my own.   I never had the desire to cut anyone's hair, but Mike thought it would be fun.  Plus if things went really bad, we could always drive some where to get his hair professionally cut or we could just buzz all of it off. 
This is a picture of his hair prior to the cut.  The hair cut (or shall I say that the*attempt* of the hair cut) was comical.  1) I've never used clippers in my life; and 2)  Mike had to walk me through the process because I've never seen a guy get his hair cut before. 
So apparently, the first thing you are supposed to do is put a guard on the clippers and shave up the sides of the head until you feel like stopping.  Mike warned me that a "bowl" haircut would be bad.  Then once you've done that, you have to spray the hair with water and use a comb and the clippers without the guard to bevel/gradient cut the cut hair and the side hair.  My interpretation...I imagined I was trimming a hedge and getting rid of extra hair that was in my way. 
Mike proceeded to tell me that I had to decide on the length of hair I wanted to cut from the top and then treat his hair in "columns" and "rows."  I had to grab a section of hair between my fingers and cut it about 1/2" from the top and make sure that all the hair in the "columns" were the same length.  Then to check my work on the columns, I had to grab hair in rows to make sure the hair in the columns were correctly cut. Isn't that confusing? I actually understood this concept because when I go for a haircut, the hair stylist does something similar. 
Ta-da.  The finished haircut with a slight rat bite.  Throughout the haircut I kept telling Mike to just go to the neighborhood salon to get his haircut.  The $15-20 we saved was not worth the stress of the haircut and plus Mike would have to walk around with that haircut for weeks. 
But Mike's a trooper...or he's adamant on me becoming his personal barber.  I cut his hair again this past weekend and he says that it's an even better haircut then the first time.  Now he's banking on the chance that my learning curve will peak on the third attempt.  Hopefully I will be traveling when he needs another haircut and he'll just go get it professionally done. 


Mom said...

OMG!!! POOR THING!! I'll pay for his haircut. Mom

Mike's Mom said...

We're proud of you both . . . Trust and Patience grow.
Just like hair.


~jay said...

jessie and cheryl both started out that way too and now they can do it really well. jessie even tries different styles for kainoa :) kainoa, kili, ahe, ty and coby all get home haircuts!

genkitummy said...

Hahaha. I didn't realize until I talked to my mom that both my mom and Mike's mom posted a comment. My mom said she had to chuckle because you can hear their different personalities in their comments.
Jay-I didn't know that. Mike told me I have to learn to cut hair so I could cut our future kids hair. I thought he was kidding. I should ask them for advice. Although I am not sure if Mike will let me try different styles on him. :P Maybe I'll give him long bangs and a buzz cut in the back, just like the style back in elem. school.