Monday, February 7, 2011

Hawaii Restaurants~Kurukuru Sushi

I'm back...with  my better than 20/20 vision right eye and my 20/30 vision left eye (it is supposed to improve to 20/20 over the next few weeks as my eye heals). Now I can start posting about all the food that we ate while back home in Hawaii over the winter holidays. 
The first restaurant that I am highlighting is Kurukuru Sushi in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center.  We've concluded that this is our favorite cheap conveyor belt sushi restaurant on Oahu.  This place is always crowded, so we know that other people think the restaurant is good too! We got to the restaurant about 10 minutes before it opened for lunch, so that's why this is a picture of an empty restaurant.
Why do we enjoy Kurukuru so much?  It's cheap for decent quality fish and the restaurant does not skimp on the fish and toppings.  While we were driving home, we passed by a Genki Sushi and noticed that the parking lot and restaurant was not very crowded.  Hmmm....maybe people are starting to realize that kurukuru has the better deal.
Poke Bowl with half shoyu poke and half spicy tuna. I think this bowl is $7.95 or $8.95 and is topped with poke and a slice of raw tuna and salmon.  For the amount of fish in this bowl, I think it might be a better deal than ordering plates of nigiri sushi.  Oh and on this visit to Kurukuru, we found out that if you're ordering a half-half bowl, you can request to have more shoyu poke or more spicy tuna.  We ordered more spicy tuna and a guy a few tables down requested more shoyu poke.
Karaage Chicken
My favorite sushi, the natto (fermented soybean) sushi. Mmmm.....they put so much natto on the sushi  that I knock some of it off and eat with some of the rice from the poke bowl.
Kurukuru Sushi
98-199 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 484-4596


~Holly~ said...

Oh great! Now you're gonna make me homesick aren't ya? Glad your eyeballs are healing! Waaahoo! Mmm....sushi! I'm not a fan of the natto. My grandpa used to love it!

suraya said...

the "natto" intrigues me. What does it taste like? Can you compare it to anything I might know?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we love Kurukuru Sushi too. I'm also a natto fan, but it does have a flavor that takes some getting used to. Let's see, sticky . . . stringy sticky. . . smelly. . . like something you might have forgotten in the fridge for a long, long time. Nutty flavor? :)


genkitummy said...

Holly-hahaha. oh boy, my next few posts are all about Hawaii restaurants. And thanks, yes the eyes are healing and almost all better.

Suraya-I think M&DT hit the flavor of natto. It's not for most people. It's an acquired taste; the only reason I eat it is because my grandma fed it to me when I was growing up.
It has more of a distinct texture rather than flavor. Think of okra or raw eggs, mixed with soybeans. Natto is actually fermented soybeans.

Erika said...

I've never heard of natto on sushi before, must be a Hawaiian thing.... good for vegetarians I guess!