Friday, November 19, 2010

Cooking Experiment~Loosey Goosey

Here's Mike's Experiment. This experiment was all Mike's doing.  For the longest time he has wanted to make a  "loosy goosey" "juicy lucy"  burger, which is essentially placing and sealing cheese into raw hamburger meat, and then cooking it.
Mike filled the burger with shredded sharp cheese.
We grilled onions and burgers after grilling that frozen pixzza. 
Here's the makeshift burger. I think we need to buy larger buns.
Here's a cross section cut of Mike's burger.  Look at all that oozing cheese!

Mike really enjoyed his burger and said he that he would definitely make it again. Too bad we do not cook burgers very often at home.  I think about 50% of the meals we eat at home are vegetarian. 


suraya said...

i've done this before, but i also put chopped, cooked bacon inside.

K and S said...

that looks like a great way to have a cheeseburger!

genkitummy said...

Whoops, this burger is called a "juicy lucy." That shows how muchI pay attention to Mike. :P

Suraya-That sounds amazing. Once I tell Mike about your version, I'm sure we'll be grilling burgers again.

Kat-Yes, it's a great way to have a cheeseburger with all that melted cheese!

Erika said...

Juicy Lucys are super big in the twin cities, a local signature of sorts, but i didn't know they were known elsewhere. If you want the real deal, you two should come visit! :)

Mike and I frequently go to local restaurants to try their versions, and Mike recently made an impromptu Juicy Lucy the other day that was relatively successful. I've also had a vegetarian "juicy lucy" made kind of like an eggplant parmesan with the cheese sealed between two slices of eggplant that was then breaded and fried, maybe you can try something like that some time!'