Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawaii~Misc. Food Pictures

We've been SUPER slow with the posting of our past trips.  I guess with all our traveling all we really like to do at night and on the weekend is veg out and watch television.  Okay, that's not really true.  In our spare time we took care of bills, got the tire changed (Mike gets the credit for this), cleaned the house, washed tons of clothes from our trips, and did a bunch of household chores.  I use the term "we" lightly because now that Mike has a break from work, he's doing most of the chores.  His favorite thing to do when I come home from work is to dance around the house singing, "Michael-rellie, Michael-rellie" (think,"Cinderellie, Cinderellie").  Yes, I have to endure his singing quite often. 

We also played frisbee, got back to our gym routines, went out to dinner with friends, played billiards and cards, saw "Getting to the Greek", went to a Happy Hour followed by Dave & Busters.  Being an "old married couple" means that Mike and I were tired after all these events.  :( I guess we're not as young and fun as our single younger friends. 

Before I become too behind on Hawaii posts, here's a brief recap of some of the "must have" foods that we ate while back home in Hawaii.
Liliha Bakery's Orange Chiffon Cake. This has been my favorite cake since I was a little girl. I would ask my mom for an orange chiffon cake for my birthday (yes, I was a weird kid who did not like frosting).

Liliha Bakery's Cocoa Puffs

Leonard's Malasadas

Zippy's Original Chili with toasted cornbread. Mike's order. He loves the toasted cornbread.

Zippy's vegetarian chili with brown rice. Four times out of five, I order vegetarian chili with brown rice at Zippy's. 

Kalua pork BLT sandwich from the Pineapple Room


suraya said...

i requested angel food cake for my birthday every year. . .so you're not alone

Kendell said...

the picture of the Malasadas looks yummy!

K and S said...

yummy list!

Lauren said...

suraya-yay! i don't feel so weird anymore. i thought all kids like frosting.
kendell-it was yummy!
kat-thanks. there's more to come that wasn't on this list. they'll be other hawaii posts soon.