Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun Post~non-food post.

I was looking through the backlog of pictures that I had taken this year and thought you might enjoy a few that brought back memories (and laughter).
Oh boy, by reading this post you are delving into my quirky sense of humor.  But to my defense, I read somewhere that women tend to like jokes that involve a play on words or a language.

We saw this sign at a Asian grocery store in Richardson, TX.  (click on the image for a larger view).  I'm not sure exactly what item they were actually selling, but $1.99 for men sounds kind of cheap.   

This is a blurry picture that I took while we were in a moving vehicle of the Massachusetts State House.  It says, "General Hooker Entrance."  So the general's surname was "Hooker" so the sign is not meant to be funny, but these signs were posted all around the building.  Too funny!

If you would like to see a clearer view of the image, I found this image on google.