Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boston~Lobster Recap

Now we can finally move on to all the food posts from  last month's trip to Boston, MA.

For this blog post, we are going to play the, "How many?" game. 

How many lobsters did Michael eat in Boston? FOUR!!!
How many lobster rolls did Michael eat in Boston? two.
How many lobsters did Lauren eat in Boston? zero. 
How many days did we spend in Boston? three

Yeah, do the math.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Mike like the Lobster Rolls? Other than that the math sounds OK to me.

Alan from Makiki

GenkiBlogger said...

MIkey looks happy. What restaurants? Would you recommend them?

genkitummy said...

Alan-hahah.Mike enjoyed all the lobster, so I guess it was okay that he ate all of that in less than 3 days. Although he had a cholesterol test done on the following Tues.

Hi Mom and Dad-Mike was happy. Especially since I do not eat lobster, so he could enjoy the whole thing to himself.
He at the lobster rolls at Legal Seafood ($22 for the roll and two sides)(it's a chain-but really tasty) and from Boston Chowda($15-16 for the roll, soup, and a drink) in Faneuil Hall. From what I recall, he liked them both, although he had to add salt to the Legal Seafood roll to make it taste better.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, when you do a cholesterol check the results reflect what you ate about a month ago.