Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boston Highlights Part I~Angora Cafe, Mike's Pastry

Boston was the last major US city that Mike had on his  "places I want to visit" list.  Mike and I both like to travel, but since we did not start traveling together until 2005, the cities and countries we both want to see do not necessary overlap.  Mike's been to Japan, London, Mexico, and Seattle (and those are places that I really want to travel to).  While I've been to China, South Korea, Thailand, and New Orleans (Mike wants to go to these places).  So what's our plans for our next trip?...we are eyeing out Memphis, TN and hopefully in 2011 we'll head out to Spain.  If not Spain, we might do a Greece or London/Paris trip.

Whoops, I digressed. Before we traveled to Boston, I had contacted a friend of mine who attended Boston University for her undergraduate studies. She rattle off a list of places for us to check out.  On the top of her list was Angora Cafe, which is known for their frozen yogurt.  It's a cafe that serves up frozen yogurt to your liking (think Coldstone Creamery for Frozen Yogurt). 
During the Spring of 2002, I went to visit my friend in Boston (she was attending Boston University) and we had checked out this yogurt place.  I remember thinking, "Wow this is the best frozen yogurt ever!" I had mixed together, strawberries, cheesecake, and graham crackers and it had been delicious!
Here's a picture of the board with all the different candies, fruits, cookies, that you can have mixed into your yogurt. 
This time I mixed together oreo cookies and strawberries.  The gray mass doesn't look to appetizing, but it was tasty.  Mike ordered a mix of strawberries and raspberries. I didn't really care for his flavor combination because the base yogurt is not too sweet, and both berries were frozen without any added sugar.
Angora Cafe
1024-A Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Another place that we checked out was Mike's Pastry. While we were touring the USS Constitution, I saw a bunch of people carrying around boxes that said, "Mike's Pastry."  I asked someone where to find this bakery, and so after we visited Bunker Hill and walked a bit more of the Freedom Trail, we trekked on to find Mike's Pastry.
We arrived there at about 4pm on a Sunday and the place was packed! When you're traveling and you see a bunch of people toting around boxes from the same bakery, it might behoove you to check out the place.  Mike and I stood in separate lines (well the lines were not well-defined in this packed bakery) lfor a good 10 minutes until Mike made it to the counter.  We ordered a chocolate dipped florentine, a chocolate creme filled cannoli (my choice), and a pistachio cannoli (mike's choice).  The cannolis were tasty and Mike and I switched cannolis because he liked the chocolate creme better because it reminded him of the taste of kulolo. I didn't care for the chocolate one because it did not have a strong chocolate flavor (hence, Mike thought it tasted like kulolo).
Chocolate dipped florentine.
Pistachio Cannoli
300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113-1835
(617) 742-3050


GenkiBlogger said...

Mike's Pastry looks like a place to visit!

Erika said...

When my friend lived in Boston, I think she took me to Mike's Pastry too! I remember the cannolis, and the lines!

genkitummy said...

Dad-Mike mentioned that you both were at Mike's pastry the other day.

Erika-Did you enjoy the cannolis there?