Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dallas~Mozzarella Factory and Manny's Tex-Mex

Two weekends ago (I'm behind in my posts) I had a fun "date day" with Kendell.  We checked out the Dallas Farmer's Market, the Mozzarella Company, and then ended with a nice outdoor lunch at Manny's Tex-Mex Restaurant. 
We visited this cute little mozzarella shop that has won numerous awards for their mozzarella and goat cheeses.

If you call ahead of time, you can find out when the company is producing cheese and you can watch them make the cheese. Or if you want a more in depth lesson in cheese making, there are monthly cheese-making classes offered. 
I ended up purchasing a ball of mozzarella cheese and a slice of the goat cheese.  Both were delicious and I would definitely buy the cheese again.  The goat cheese was not as gamey in flavor as the goat cheese I buy at Sam's Club (~$8/lb).  At ~$18/lb I would only using the Mozzarella Cheese Company's goat cheese sparingly, while I wouldn't mind making fried goat cheese balls with the Sam's Club cheese. 
Oh and a sidenote, the lady at the mozzarella company was so friendly. She even showed us her super cool nail polish that changes color in the sun. In the store it was clear with silver glitter. Out in the sun, her nails turned a brilliant shade of pink! She told us it was del sol nail polish, and when I looked it up online, there are many different color changing combinations.  I might splurge on this and buy it for the summer. 
The lady at the Mozzarella Cheese Company steered us in the direction of Manny's Tex-Mex Restaurant in Addison, TX.  I love those leisurely days in which you have no "real" plans and the next activity is decided on by a whim. 
Mmmm...salsa and chips. Let's be honest, this is my litmus test on whether I like a Mexican restaurant or not.  I like light thin chips that are not too oily (Chili's chips are extremely thin, but too oily).   I like my salsas to have some heat and taste fresh (not just like canned tomato puree).  Both the chips and salsa need to be seasoned with salt.  Manny's passed my litmus test.  I pretty much binged on these chips that I didn't have enough room in my stomach to finish my lunch. 
The brisket tacos were recommended to us, and Kendell ordered the plate with a brisket taco and an enchilada.
Kendell's enchilada and sides.
My flautas with chicken and beef brisket (I brought the brisket flautas home to Mike).  Big surprise? No, I pretty much always order flautas or chimichangas (grilled if possible) at Mexican restaurants.  I thought the food was delicious and really enjoyed the guacamole. 

Mozzarella Company
2944 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75226-1509
(214) 741-4072

Manny's Tex-Mex Restaurant
14905 Midway Rd.
Addison, Texas 75001
(972) 490-1616


K and S said...

looks delicious!

Erika said...

I used to have a bottle of that Del Sol nail polish back in middle school or something, can't believe they still make it!

Also, what an appropriate post subject for Cinco de Mayo...I hope you are taking full advantage of the bounty of Texican food down there these days.

Chou said...

Fun fun fun!

genkitummy said...

Kat-The food was great!

Erika-I remember coloring changing shirts, but not the nail polish. I thought it was a new thing.
And yes, Mike and I are slowly trying out all the different tex-mex restaurants here.

Chou-It was a fun time! I wish you could have been there! You have to stop by and visit us more often!