Friday, February 19, 2010

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Late last year a company called Matcha Source contacted me and asked if I would like a sample of green tea to try their product.  I jumped at the opportunity because I enjoy the taste of green tea and like to experiment with baked goods with an asian flair (incoporating green tea, azuki beans, yuzu, etc). 

I was sent a sample of their Gotcha Match Cafe Grade powder. The scientist in me tasted the powder straight and it had an authentic green tea flavor.   I then tried out Matcha Source's Chilled Green Tea Latte recipe and it was yummy! I did doctor it up with some splenda to give the latte a little bit more sweetness. 

Matcha Source also sent me a bodum frother so that I could froth milk for my green tea lattes. 

I have a little bit of matcha powder left and used it on my macarons (see previous post) and am debating what I want to do with the remaining powder. I was thinking about creating a Green Tea-rimisu (get it? tirimisu) and instead of soaking lady fingers in coffee, I'd soak them in green tea.  I can just imagine it now, a pastel green tiramisu with matcha powder dusted on the top layer of whipped cream. 

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Chou said...

That sounds really good! Go for it. Maybe with a floral flavoring?