Monday, March 1, 2010

Las Vegas~Simon Restaurant and Lounge

So I finally am able to move on to my Las Vegas trip highlights...which occured...back in September 2009.  I don't know how you food bloggers (I'm a food blogger wannabe) do it, but much props to you all who can post every other day or can even publish posts about restaurants that you visited during the same week. 
My sister is becoming a foodie! My sister has never been as interested as me in food, so in the past year or so, it has been surprising that she has started checking out restaurants and bakeries.
Prior to arriving in Las Vegas, she had sent me an itinerary of all the restaurants we would be checking out during the four days I was there. One of the restaurants she was excited to try was “Simon” which has a gourmet brunch on Sundays. My sister especially wanted to go there because of the “junk food” dessert which was a plate of nostalgic sweets including cotton candy, snowballs, hostess cupcake, rice krispies treat, a chocolate chip cookie and caramel corn.

The Simon buffet was not set up like a typical buffet. A few pastries, dry cereals, and fruit were laid out buffet-style, while big-ticket items had to be ordered from a menu. These items included omelets, French toast, paninis, and pizza. There was also a sushi chef making basic rolls, not the high-end sushi bar type sushi, and a smoothie maker.

The highlights of my meal were the French toast (see above) and the deep-fried sushi topped with spicy tuna.

The price of the brunch buffet was steep at $38/person. We were in Las Vegas on the strip, so I’m sure a lot of people would not even flinch at these prices. I think this buffet would be more worth it if I was a bigger eater and if the food that we ordered came faster. We ordered the big ticket items 15 minutes after we were seated and waited at least 45 minutes for the dishes to come. There was no way we could order another round of dishes from the menu and still be hungry to eat them. I guess that’s how costs are kept down. The more time that elapses between dishes, the less food people will eat. And since the cheaper items were laid out in typical buffet style, people filled up on this first.

My other favorite dish, Simon's Signature Crispy Sesame Rice topped with Spicy tuna.
Margherita Pizza (fresh mozarella, tomato, and basil).

I forget what this was. I think it was a steak and potatoes eggs benedict.

Simon Junk Food Dessert-Isn't this a cute presentation?

The Simon Brunch Buffet is definitely an experience. The dishes were creatively presented the descriptors of the food items sounded delicious. Unfortunately we were unable to try all of them.

Simon Restaurant and Lounge
4381 West Flamingo Road (located in Palms hotel)
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Chou said...

No clue how they do it, either. I love that your sister's getting foodified! :)

Open to Grace said...

Your pictures remind me of my recent trip to Vegas. My favorite part of that trip was the food too! We definitely enjoyed the buffet at the Wynn which was like Disney World for foodies. Thanks for sharing!