Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 3~Italy Food!

Our third day in Italy was spent hunting for food. We went to the Jewish Ghetto and grazed. Lauren loved all of the bakeries and I had my fair share of pizza. We sampled so many things that by the time lunch came we weren't even hungry.
Lauren went crazy in this bakery and ordered a bunch of things. As a note to all you foodie travelers, bakers don't like it when you order just one of something when it's sold by weight, especially when they're super light things like pretzels. I think the tiny cookies (~3 pieces) and pretzels (~5 pieces) Lauren got were like 20 cents or something like that. We got a bunch of stuff, so it was okay, but one of the workers got scolded by the manager when she tried to ring us up for a .1 euro bill.
We ate our purchases right outside of the bakery. I got two kinds of arancini, fried rice balls. Between the baked good and the fried goodies, it was a fun experience.
We saw a bakery/pizzeria that a lot of locals were coming out of, and we knew we had to try it too. In our experience, this is one of the best ways to find good food. We also went to Campo di Fiori, an open market. There was a ton of fresh produce, and lot of other things. We bought a fruit cup to share, and looked around.
We bought some dried spices to take home but we keep forgetting to use them.

In case you didn't notice from the last post, Lauren and I aren't always the best with maps. We wandered our way toward the subway station, and ended up back near our hotel. Instead of going out to eat dinner, we decided to engage in one of Lauren's favorite activities.....we went to the grocery store. Don't think this was the first time we went during our, no, no we went way back on day one. This was just the first time we decided to go and buy a meal there. We got breadsticks, cheese, wine, bread and ate it in our room. It was nice to relax in the room for a night. I think this helped prevent us from getting travel fatigue.

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