Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 2~Italy

Day 2 of our Italy Adventure began at Vatican City. While we didn't do the Angels and Demons tour as recommended by a good friend, we did sign up for a tour. As a side note, if you ever go to Vatican City, take a tour.........there is so much art and history to see that unless you are an art history major, you will be totally lost. As another side note, remember to sign up for your tour on the proper day! If you don't then you'll have to panic and call the tour company at the last minute and hope that they can help you out. I'm not saying that happened to's just a friendly tip....
Being an Engineer, I don't really have much interest in art. Suffice it to say that despite this, I was still amazed at the art and history in Vatican City. I won't try to comment on anything, but here are a few pictures of things we saw. A gift to one of the popes, something by Raphael, and something by Michelangelo....that's what the pictures are of....I think. We looked for some of Splinter's work, but couldn't find anything.....the guide got really mad at me when I asked about it. The one above is St. Peter's Basilica....I think....... We were respectful in the Sistine Chapel, and did not take pictures like the hundreds of other people there. Some Japanese company bought the rights to the ceiling, so you're not supposed to take any pictures. I pointed out to the guide that Lauren and I were Japanese so it'd probably be alright for us to take photos, but she just got really mad again.

We ended our day by mailing postcards to our parents from the Vatican City post office. It's supposed to be a cool thing to do since Vatican City is separate country.
After the tour, we went out in search of food. First stop was a pizzeria which Lauren's mom recommended from a magazine article she had read. It was packed full of locals, and looked great. We ended up getting a two slices with lots of fresh cherry tomatoes and some crushed red pepper, one with cheese, the other without. They were great! Unfortunately we didn't know how to ask them to heat them up in Italian.....that would have made them a lot better.
Next stop was a delicatessen that w saw while wandering around. There were lots of school kids outside eating sandwiches, so we thought it had to be a good place.
We went inside, and with limited italian we asked then to make me a sandwich. I got one with some kind of ham and marinated artichokes. It was rather fatty, but very good.
Lastly, having eaten a clearly "Michael" dish (the fatty pork sandwich) we sought out a purely "Lauren" culinary experience. We embarked on our first (first of many) gelato trek.
We made our way to a gelateria again recommended by Lauren's mom from the same magazine. Even though we only went to one gelateria on this day, it still counts as a trek because we ate at it twice. I don't mean that we ordered two cones each. We literally had some gelato, then walked out and Lauren was talking about how good it was, that we turned around and walked 5 minutes back to get more. I don't remember exactly what we had there, but I'm pretty sure they had a pear that lauren really liked. I really liked the chocolate. I think we also had pistacio, coconut, and hazelnut.
Below are some other pictures we took along the way.


mypiedmont said...

I hope you visit my favorite region of Italy which is Veneto. ( )

I live in a little town near Vicenza and it is really a lovely place, perhaps we can meet for coffee:)

Lori said...

Enjoying the photos from your trip! It really makes me miss the food there! :)