Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still on Italy

Hi all you loyal blog readers! I keep apologizing for the lack of blog posts, but will be apologizing a little bit more. I have been taking sooo many pictures, but haven't had the time to blog. The only reason the Daring Bakers post popped up was because I had pre-posted it earlier in September.
September and October have been a whirlwind of travels. After my trip to Las Vegas and Hawaii, I picked up the hubby from Hawaii and we caught a plane to Illinois. We stayed in Illinois for ~24 hours, then DROVE to Texas. We've been in Texas for less than two days and then are heading off to Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) in less than 12 hours!
I guess you can say that we're training for the "Amazing Race" TV show. Nah, our travels are not as extreme.

We'll be back in the States in a couple of weeks, so by late October there will be posts about food from Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Italy.

Take care everyone!


K and S said...

exciting! enjoy!

Chou said...

Okay Mike, you need to take Lauren on a side trip to the cinque terre. My apologies for not blasting you w/ this message sooner. No matter what, I know you planned an AMAZING trip for her.


Lori said...

Can't wait Lauren, have fun!!