Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooking Hiatus

Yes, I've been lazy and haven't been posting pictures of food that I've actually cooked. Boo.

What have I been doing? I've been spending my days working on my research (like a good graduate student) and searching for jobs in locations that Mike could potentially work. Unfortunately the only location on his list is "Hawaii, where he is currently employed."
Anyways, that's what married life is all about right? Compromise and making decisions that will be the best for both parties instead of being selfish and thinking just about yourself.

Mike and I have made it to our one month anniversary and our 5-year dating anniversary. We're going to celebrate these events next month when Mike's back in Champaign.

In honor of our one month anniversary, I will share a little tidbit of our married life. You have to learn how to adapt to the quirks of the other person. I have more quirks than Mike, but luckily he's really laidback, so it balances out my personality.

This is what I have to deal with: incorrectly placed toilet paper. So I did not realize how ingrained my habits were. I started noticing it when I was reaching for toilet paper and could not grab it, because of how the roll was placed. This may sound silly, but seriously, it throws you off. Try it for a week and you'll find out if you have a tp directional preference.This is what he has to deal with: a toilet seat cover. Mike moved into an apartment that I had been living in for 3 years. Yes, so he is slowly getting used to the pink curtains, the multiple bottles of shampoo, body washes, and conditioner in the shower.


Anonymous said...

AHHHH! The TP in your pic is backwards! There are many rational arguments to having the TP coming over the top (and front) of the roll and few for the backwards way. :)

If I could find a decent job in HI I would work there too.

Congrats on your anniversaries!

Alan from Makiki

FranMag said...

Aaargh. That TP thing frustrates me too. Hubby claims that he has no preference, but every single time (every. single. time.) he changes the roll he puts it on backwards!! I've decided to pick my battles though and I usually just switch it around without saying anything. :-)

genkitummy said...

I guess my toilet paper preference is with the majority.

alan-i'm in the same job predicament as you. i'm in the food science field, so all the big food companies are on the mainland. there are limited industry jobs in hawaii so my degree is pretty much useless back home. when did you move to illinois?

fran-same here, mike tells me he has no preference, so i'm going to see if there's some truth in that. i think we're going to end up playing the game, "let's leave a few squares of tp, so lauren will change it and i won't have to worry about placing it the right way" game. :)

Rigby said...

Ah, toilet paper. My cat attacks it so vicously that I have to hide the roll. So I suppose the preference here is shredded or non-shredded.

Diana said...

That is such a great post on typical newlywed compromises. Eric and I do the TP the same way so that worked out well. We really only have two things that we've both been working on. I can't stand cupboards being left open, which he grew up with. And he is the dish washer in our house and always wants one "working sink" with nothing in it. We've gotten pretty good over the past year about remembering, or nicely reminding each other when we forget.

genkitummy said...

rigby-yes, non-shredded is better shredded.

diana-thanks for sharing your married life compromises. i'll remember to "nicely remind" mike to do stuff. ;)

chou said...

Ha! I laughed for 3 minutes over this. So true!

genkitummy said...

c. there are some other things mike and i have to get used to, and i'll probably post more later. glad i could make you laugh. :)
oh and the potluck went really well! i'll post about it later. we played croquet. thanks to you and ben and playing rounds of it on lanai, i was able to set up the field and give them the instructions i thought i knew.