Monday, June 23, 2008

Taste of Champaign

Yesterday K. and I went to the"Taste of Champaign" which is the annual food event in Champaign, IL in which local restaurants have little booths with "tastes" you can purchase.
It is nothing like the "Taste of Honolulu" which ended in 2006, but now Hawaii has the "Flavors of Hawaii"
But it was nice to try the food at restaurants and decide if I would go back to the restaurant again. Some of the restaurants and items we tried included:Karen's Cheesecake Confections, Pad Thai and Basil Chicken from Nitaya Thai (the flavors were great!), Zorba's gyros (I wasn't a fan of the formed chicken), Marble Slab ice cream, and some other places I forgot.

Here's some pictures of the events.

K. trying a "Hawaiian Shave Ice." She asked me if there was some rule that us "Hawaiians" were not allowed to eat shave ice from any place other than Hawaii. I can't wait until she's in Hawaii for the wedding in August. Then she'll be in for authentic shave ice. K. might not want to leave the islands!
Sandwiches from Murphy's Deli. I got the turk-ado (Turkey with avocado, bacon, and veggies), K. got the reuben.

Frozen Apple Cider from Curtis Orchard.

We ended the day with a visit to the mall... and ended up splurging on some shoes. I bought two pairs of shoes (which is unlike me, but they were so cute!) from Macy's. My style is so practical, so these pastel plaid wedges were not at all my style, but they were so much cuter than the patent black version. And look at that puka in the heel of the other wedge. That's what attracted me to this shoe. I'm going to wear them with the dresses i bought from Gap and Forever21.


Shayna said...

i bought those colorful pastel shoes last week at macy's too!! they're perfect for the summer!

too bad you're missing out on the flavors of honolulu (it's this weekend), but i'm glad you got to enjoy champaign's version.
i'm going to volunteer on sunday at the festival (at a new italian restaurant's booth) and on saturday, i'll be competing in the final round of the spam recipe contest (making "Tasty spam mochi rice!"). i need some of your culinary luck!

genkitummy said...

shayna-hey thanks for posting a comment. i know you read my blog, but it was a cute comment! my friend k. also bought the same shoes too. maybe we can all wear them together in hawaii!

oh and good luck with the spam contest! i didn't know there was one. that's SOOOOO cool. I'll blog about you! I'll let me mom know too so she can check it out if she goes to the flavors this weekend.

Lori said...

Sounds like my kind of day - eating and shopping! :)

KAY said...

I like the pastel shoes...

Kay said...


genkitummy said...

yup eating and shopping days are the best!
kay-thanks for the shoe comment. we'll see if i'll like them after i wear them for an extended period of time. :)