Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taking Pictures

Let me introduce you to "Bashfully" otherwise known as "Lamby." He is my soft cuddly stuffed animal that my mom bought me the other year. After last month's Daring Baker's challenge, I asked Christy to show me hot to take better pictures so I could make my food look tasty. After all, in the blog-world, people only have pictures to view to determine if your food looks tasty...or even edible. My cooking philosophy is I strive for taste and then usually eat the food without trying to glam it up. But if I ever get to open up my dream Omiyage store, I better work on beautiful presentations.
So, after my camera session with Christy, I went home and decided to practice using my camera. And "Bashfully" the lamb was the target I selected. So I played around with camera functions that I have never played with before. I used the manual setting and white balanced my shots. I'm still learning, so wish me luck.

Oh and thank you to all of you for the cards, calls, emails, facebook messages, e-cards for my birthday. I feel quite special and loved. Thanks to Christy for inviting Ms. K (whose b-day was on June 1) and I over for all that yumminess. The indian food was great and the cake...oh my favorite. I love your lemon curd and chiffon cake is my FAVORITE! So happy birthday to all those geminis out there. And a happy birthday goes out to Shayna (June 3)! Hope you have a good one!


Lori said...

That group shot with all the animals has a really nice soft effect. I'm also a fan of using the manual settings for white balance. Once in a while though(usually when there's poor lighting) auto will give me better balance/focus.

Good luck with the picture taking! :)

KAY said...

Yes I agree, I would love a new nikon camera to take better pictures.