Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Godiva Key Lime Pie Truffles

After tasting Morton's Steakhouse key lime pie, I've become quite fond of key lime pie. I am also a fan of high quality dark chocolate. But...I do not like goo with my chocolate. No liquors, cherry cordials, caramel for me. Just give me straight up chocolate. I do like crunchies with my chocolate so certain nuts, coffee bits, or cookie bits are fine with me.

Now, however, I am making a *gasp* an exception. My boyfriend sent me these limited editionGodiva Key Lime Pie Truffles. At first I was kind of upset because I thought he knew me better than that. He knows all my food quirks (i.e. he drinks my excessive shave ice syrup b/c i think it's too sweet, squirts ketchup on the side of french fries b/c he knows i like crunchy things to stay crunchy). I threw them in the refrigerator i hopes that the filling would firm up and it would be okay.
Last night after a long day at school, I decided to eat one at about midnight. Oh, the truffles were AMAZING! Yes, yummy! The inside was creamy and tart and the dark chocolate was what you'd expect of high quality Godiva chocolate.
He also sent a box of Special Edition G Collection: American Pies I am planning on taking those to New Orleans to share with my Product Development group at the end of the month. But who knows, if those key lime pie truffles are consumed too quickly, I might indulge in that box of Godiva chocolates...

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Lori said...

What a nice gift you got! Those key lime pie truffles sound so good! :)