Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the bf

This is the guy that chooses an egg mcmuffin challenge and makes his sandwich without an egg. The guy who makes a better fried rice than me and can cook up a mean spicy edamame. His favorite ingredients to cook with are bacon, siracha sauce, and garlic. we've concluded that if you want to create a food that appeals to the masses you can 1)deep fry it; 2)wrap it in bacon; 3)add butter or cheese to it; 4)deep fry a bacon-wrapped something stuffed with butter or cheese.
Anyways, this is my post dedicated to the "man of my dreams,"(that's what he likes to be called),the guy that I'm going to marry , in a few months, and the guy I have known for almost 10 years of my life and have been dating for over 4.5 years. he's kind of goofy and silly but we match. he even was a sport and didn't mind taking pictures all over chinatown for my blog.

a picture of a manapua (char siu bao) and steamed rice cake from char hun sut. that's also a picture of mike's hand.


Tina said...

Congratulations and that looks interesting.

chou said...

Awww, so cute. :) I loved both dresses, btw.