Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RSBC Update

It's funny, last year I thought each swimming class was equated to 0.8 miles, but this year it's 0.4. poo! I could be wrong...but I decided to dive into the swimming portion and took a Cardio H2O class today and it was AWESOME! I normally do not like this instructor in basic aerobics classes, but she's a pretty good Cardio H2O instructor. I think I might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. We did the same moves as those in "Kick and Crunch" and "Strength" and it was great because my knees and ankles are not very strong. Even though those foam dumbells weigh a few ounces, man with the water resistance it felt MUCH heavier than those 5-pounders I use in Strength class.

Here's my status:
Running=6 miles

My plan, knock out the cooking on Saturday, Bike 12 miles tomorrow or Friday, Run 2 miles on Friday.

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chou said...

Woohoo! You rock. :)