Saturday, February 9, 2008

restaurants to visit in hawaii

one of my friends is going to hawaii on a family trip. he asked for recommendations and places to go, restaurants to try out, etc. so i'll be using this blog to jot down notes when ideas pop up.

random things you should try, but i don't have a favorite place.
hawaiian food-this is a hit or miss. most people have to adjust to the flavors of hawaiian food. it's basically flavored with salt. I don't know what kinds of spices are used in traditional hawaiian cooking. smoked items?
*dim sum-not sure where to go for cheaper yummy type. ala moana hotel has a pretty good one
*shave ice (matsumoto's north shore, waiola-in town)

restaurants (pricey..aka fancy date places, but so worth it!)
*alan wong's-asian fusion food
*roy's-asian fusion food. yummy fish

slighty cheaper, but still yummy
*alan wong's pineapple room (macy's ala moana)
*sansei-waikiki (go for half off after 10pm or before 5:30pm on sundays-these specials might only be for locals, i'm not sure)
*verbano on king (italian food cooked by asians. it's slightly different from regular italian, but good)
*tadashi-japanese food, yummy green tea shave ice
*ichiriki-japanese food. i forgot what the name of this kind of cook it yourself place is called. "nabe"? anyways, the food was yummy!
*restaurant kuni-japanese food
*shokudo-asian fusion restaurants. portions are on the smaller side ( i guess asian tapas?)
*pietros-asian italian fusion. (my sister's favorite restaurant)

on the go foods-take-out type
*bale-vietnamese sandwiches, it's like a franchise, so some restaurants taste better than others.
*monarch seafood-seafood and chicken are yummy. i think this place is only open for lunch
*char hun sut (sp?) -manapua (aka charsiu bao)
*zippy's ( a little over-priced for local fast food, but i like it. try the chili. i like the veggie chili too)
*kurukuru sushi

food places other people like, but i think it's just okay.
*sam choy's-pricey
*sam choy's breakfast lunch and crab (cheaper)

things to do
haunama bay-snorkeling
diamond head hike
check out chinatown-it's interesting. lots of different types of produce
polynesian culture center (toursits go there. you might want to check out the prices). i remember thinking it was kind of cool when i was growing up.

night scene
sorry i've been out of it so long, i'm not sure.
indigo has happy hour during the weekdays. i think it's half-off martinis. they have a good lychee martini

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