Tuesday, February 12, 2008

comfort foods

These past few days I've been really tired and felt drained and lethargic. My meals consist of quick meals that require minimal cooking. For example today I ate mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and garlic, yesterday I had chips and salsa and half a grapefruit. To sum it up, I've been lazy and have contemplated, "Should I make the effort to prepare something to eat or should I go to sleep?"

I started thinking about my favorite comfort foods and what I wish I could eat.

All-time comfort foods: my mommy's cooking. oyako donburi, natto and rice, dave's ice cream-lychee sorbet, fresh hayden mango

Stressed out comfort foods: french fries with oodles of ketchup, onion rings, nachos, a good local fried rice, baskin and robbins rocky road.

Food I miss: squid luau, manapua, shave ice , zippy's chili

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